Monday, November 12, 2007

The family looked good for halloween this year. I especially like how Mark gets into it!

I felt a little like Martha Stewart carving our name into the pumpkins...I thought it was a nice touch!

No he wasn't a robot for halloween!

Last week Austin had the wonderful opportunity of having a 72 hour EEG. What fun this was!! He did a great job considering that one of the electrodes on his forehead had been burrowing into his skin. I felt bad when I saw the open wound that turned into a huge scab and goose egg. For three days I had told him to "get tough" and not cry about how his head hurt. I won't be winning any mother of the year awards soon. I thought his doctor was crazy when he said that Austin could go to school. Does he not see what Austin looks like. Apparently when his doctor was in first grade no one ever made fun of him. Silly doctor! We see the neurologist on the 27 of November for results.

Sacramento Temple

The weekend after Disneyland Greg, Tara, Kim and Lisa came back to town and we all went to the Sacramento Temple together. It was an exciting weekend! To top it off, Greg finally got to bless Layne and Doug blessed Rhett at Mom's house. I love my family -- my own as well as my extended. They are the best!!
(Doug, Amy, Mom, Lisa, Me, Kim, Tara and Greg)

Happiest Place on Earth

The kids and I took a trip down to Disneyland in mid October. What made the trip so special was that Uncle Greg finally returned to the states from Iraq. And is there a better way to celebrate than a trip to the happiest place on earth.

Jackson and Austin love playing with their cousins. (Liv in green, Maren as Snow White, and Reece in orange.)

Lisa, Greg, and I liked the Nemo ride as much as the kids did!!

Nicole and Jessica loved their time getting pampered just like princesses. (The design each of them picked tells the story of their different personalities. Nicole picked simple whereas Jessica picked bright and sparkely. I thought that was funny.)