Sunday, October 12, 2008

Summer Fun

I want you all to know that we were very busy this summer.

I am going to blame that as the reason I haven't kept up on the blogging.

Anyway, here are a few of the activities the Lee Family was doing all summer!

Lee Family at La Jolla shores.

Nicole and Jackson spent most of the week on their boogie boards.

Dad took us to a Padres game. Lots of fun.
Love the blue teeth boys!

After a week at the beach in San Diego, we spent some time at Lake Elsinore with

Aunt Donna, Uncle Mike, Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Lisa, and our cousins.

Mark took all four kids to Camp Winthers this year.

It's a one week camp up in the Sierra Mountains.

Mark has a basketball camp there and he has taken the

opportunity to give his own kids some pointers.

The kids tell me all about the fabulous rock climbing.

However, this looks more like rock jumping than rock climbing!
I definitely would not allow this!

We went to the Indy races!

We played on the boat!
I can finally wakeboard without falling down hard!

Yes, Greg is way better than I am! Here's to you, Greg!

I swear, Liv and Maren had a great time and loved it!

We played on our Rich and Laura's boat in the Delta!

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

We rented a trailer, camped and boated on Lake Tahoe!


We hiked to the top of the island in the middle of Emerald Bay!

Our new friend Peter - from the Netherlands, who we met at our camp site,

tagged along all weekend.

And we took a trip to Utah for Karlee's baptism.

Pumpkin Patch

We had a fun time with the kids at the local pumpkin patch.

For $7 the kids were able to go thru the corn maze, take a hay ride, run thru a haunted house and go down big slides.

What more could you ask for...a pumpkin. Well, no.

We let them choose a pumpkin and then told them we would go to Wal-Mart to get cheeper pumpkins.

Money's tight now a days...haven't they watched the news!

Racing up the haystack!