Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The kids were out of school Monday, so we went up the hill to the snow and had a blast! Watching them makes me laugh!

Jackson decided he didn't need anything but his tummy to go down the hill!
Nicole is crazy! Look at how high she is off the ground.
How did she not kill herself!

The sun was so bright coming off the snow. It was a beautiful, warm day. After a while, everyone had taken off their hats and coats. NICE.

Austin found the quick way down!


Dents said...

What fun pictures of the snow. Looks like prime sledding.The one of Nicole airborn is amazing!! I am surprised she didn't get whiplash on the landing. Jessica's party looks like fun. She looks so grown up.

I don't know when our next girl trip will be...but it has to happen again. It was hard coming back and being thrown into the kids again. I just wanted to eat and read all day :) know it! said...

It's about time you updated...looks like you guys have been busy! How fun. I haven't been to the snow in such a long time.