Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Camping Trip of the Year!

We took the kids up to Rollins Lake and camped with our friends this weekend.
It was chilly, but that didn't stop anyone from having fun!

This is my friend Jessica. They own the RV. Have to say camping is a lot easier with an RV.
Mark and Jerry took all nine kids for a ride!

Jessica, Kayci, and Cali...sunbathing beauties!
They boys tried out the tube with bad results.

Nicole and Jackson were getting tricky on their scooters!

Wave runners are always fun! Tom took Jessica and Cali for a ride!

Kolby, Jackson and Austin loved the s'mores.

Jessica, Kayci, Kyle and Kolby loading up for marshmallow roasting.


Dents said...

That there is an RV...what happens when the shizzer's full? Did you all sleep in that? Looks like a good combination, they have the RV, you have the boat, looks like you are going to have a good summer. Your kids look pretty brave with the scooter tricks, how did the landings go?

Lisa said...

I am so jealous! Dang you and your boat...

Jessica Jo said...

This makes me want to move to a warmer climate, I LOVE camping and boating!

Lisa said...

You know one has lost their minds. You will never know unless you read it! Take a chance Kris.

Heather said...

Hi Kris! It's your long lost cousin, Heather. I love your blog. You have a beautiful family! You all look so happy enjoying life!

Dents said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I don't think you were suffering from PMS :) You know what it is like to worry about your kids, it makes you more sensitive to other people. See you in a few weeks!