Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Band Concert and Dance Team Photos - Go Nicole!

Nicole has been involved in the school band for a year and a half learning to play the flute.
She has done a wonderful job with this new instrument.

Nicole was so excited this year when she tried out and made the
Jr. High dance team.
What an accomplishment!
She loves performing at half-time during middle school games and,
because she has an in with the high school basketball coach,
she loves it even
more when she gets to perform at the high school games!
(Nicole has the hat on - gangsta!)


Lisa said...

Wow...good for her. I would never get up in front of all those people.

Lisa said... awesome blossom is not at Chili's, but I did have paradise pie!

Dents said...

Go Nicole! A flautist ( not sure how to spell that) and a dancer.