Monday, September 24, 2007

Summer Vacation 2007

As soon as summer started to get going we had lot of fun days on our boat. I can't tell you how much joy I get watching my kids have a ball on our boat. My cheeks still hurt from laughing and smiling watching them. We spent most of our summer days on the lake. I am still frustrated over the fact that Mark can wake board (on his very first try) and I can't seem to figure it out. I'll get it sooner or later. Our favorite place to go is Lake Clemintine. Just a 15 minute drive from our driveway to the boat ramp. It's close and has a beach the kids love to play on. It's also nice that I can pack the car, the ice chest, and the kids then get the boat in the water and Mark joins us at the lake after work. We've also spent a few nights there camping. Lots-a-fun!

We also spent just over a week in So. Cal. We spent most of the week on Pacific Beach in San Diego. Mark and the kids had a great time riding the waves, skim boarding, and searching for dead jellyfish. I sat under the EZ-Up trying to get rid of a bad case of pneumonia, darn it. Mark was great though, he'd carry the ez-up to the beach every morning so that when we all got up we could have a nice spot on the beach. Uncle Mike, Aunt Donna, Lee and Ricky also came to visit and spend some time with us. Austin loved all the quality time with his cousins playing wiffle ball and smash ball. One of the best parts of San Diego was that our hotel room was just about on the beach itself. We could run up to the room to go potty or jump in the pool to wash off the salty sea water at any time.

After our week on the beach, we met Uncle Jimmy and crew at Lake Elsinore. It was HOT!!! The kids had a blast on Jimmy's boat. (That's Jackson jumping off the boat.) It was great to see everyone and the bar-b-q at Jessica's house was a great way to cool off after a day on the lake. Thanks Jessica. The house is beautiful!

Mark sustained an arm injury on vacation trying to wake board. He doesn't even know his own strength. He tore the tendon that holds his bicep down. He ended up having surgery to fix his arm. It included surgical rope, two holes through a bone and screws. OUCH! He's tough though. He didn't really complain about it. Well not too much. He has started physical therapy and should be good as new in three months.

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Jeff said...


You did so good not knowing what you were doing. I always love seeing your kids. I am going to show mine when they get home. It's early day. Why didn't they have early day when we went to school?!? I loved everything you did. Even about Dad. You were awesome with him and Mom-thanks so much for that. I love you!