Monday, September 24, 2007

Christmas 2006

Last Christmas the whole family came into town. It was lots of fun having all my brothers and sisters here. Talk about too many gifts. My mom and dad's Christmas tree was packed full of gifts. Greg, Doug and Lisa stayed with Mom and Dad while Kim and her 5 children stayed at my house. We had a gingerbread decorating contest for the adults. Of course, Mark and I won! Each of the 11 grandchildren decorated a box car which ended up making a very long train. The sugar intake on that night was crazy!! Grandma had it all under control. The guys played and played ping-pong. I want to say that even my Dad got involved in one game...then of course he went back to the couch for some R&R. We took family photos in Folsom. That was an experience. The Dent family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. (Kim has 5 kids, I have 4, Greg has 3, Doug has 2 and Lisa is in holding pattern till Mr. Right shows up.)


Dents said...

For as many adults and children we had in that photo, it really went well. Can you e-mail me some of those?

Jenn said...

What a great photo!!! And so many great memories, than you for sharing! Kris you've warmed my heart with your blog.

Julie said...

What a fun picture! Yours and Greg's kids look so much alike I had to compare to tell who was who. I wish we had a more recent one. Our last family photo neither of my kids where here and Jenn's youngest either. I guess with the way my family reproduces someone's always going to be left out. Did you know we've had a baby born every year since 2001? Two in 2004. Crazy! Brian and Michelle are having the 2008 baby and the pressure is building for 2009.